Meet the team

Isaac is the owner of Heartwood Tree Service and easily mistaken for an Irish man (he’s Canadian).  He has arms like Popeye, but doesn`t like spinach. He really does like his baked beans though.  And dirt bikes.  He’s also the father of Luke and Owen.  If he’s not answering his phone he’s probably in a tree.

Josh is a Cert III arborist and is strong, like superman.  He’s also an all round good guy.  You’ll probably see him driving the truck and chipper, or at the end of the rope.  When he’s not working he’s daydreaming about dirtbikes.  He says he rides.

Jarred is a hard worker who’s always in the right place at the right time.  One of those people who just knows what to do.  He doesn’t say much, but unlike Josh… he actually does ride.  And he drives a fully sick ute.  Be sure to wave if you see him!

Terence hasn’t been with us very long, but from what we’re seeing he’s got lots of potential.  He picks up some pretty big pieces for a little guy.

Kate is our computer nerd, secretary and book-keeper.  She keeps things ticking and makes sure everyone gets paid.   She is also the mother of Luke and Owen, and she loves Turkish delight.

Luke is 11 and loves to climb trees, and he’s pretty good at using the axe.  He’s also big enough to operate the ride-on mower by himself now.  But he wants to be a video game you-tuber, like Stampy.

Owen is 9, and he likes to ride in any kind of machinery, from bobcats to excavators, trucks, ride-on mowers and tractors.  He has a Kawasaki 110 and like Jarred, actually does ride.





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