Chipping and mulching

Heartwood Tree Service offers a chipping and mulching service for clients in conjunction with tree removal, or as a separate service altogether.

There’s not much our 17 inch Bandit  chipper cannot get  through.  Trees can either be chipped and left on-site to provide much needed mulch for the garden, or the chip can be taken away to be recycled elsewhere.

We can also provide a chipping and mulching service without tree removal to assist you in clearing up your property.  If possible, leave the limbs spread out as much as possible, or in a pile with the large limbs pointing in the same direction, in an area that is accessible to the truck and chipper.  This will keep the chipping time down, and therefore the cost to a minimum.

Wood chip and mulch is also available for sale, and lower grade wood chip is sometimes available free of charge.  Heartwood Tree Service provides mulch to numerous horticulturalists and gardeners in the Wingecarribee area, including Treekeepers Nursery and Abundant Earth Landscaping, and we love to see the by-product recycled back into the environment as much as possible.

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