Heartwood Tree Service can cut, split and stack your felled trees for firewood. But when it looks this lovely, you may not want to burn it!

Felled trees can be turned into firewood – and it makes practical sense to do this – as long as you allow the wood to dry properly, and have the space to stack the firewood.

Although burning wood does produce environmental impacts, these can be minimised by taking a few steps to do it responsibly:

Freshly cut softwood (Conifer) should be allowed to dry for at least 9 months.  Hardwoods will burn better if seasoned for more than a year, and best left for two to three years.

Stack the wood off the ground in an arrangement that allows air to circulate and water to evaporate off the ends.  Protect the wood pile from heavy rain if you can, but avoid completely covering it with plastic that restricts air flow and evaporation.

Seasoned wood has a dark or grey appearance.  Unseasoned wood may have tightly attached bark and a wet, fresh-looking centre with lighter and dryer looking wood near the edges or ends.  If it hisses and bubbles as it heats up in the fireplace it’s still green.  Try and only burn well-seasoned wood as it burns hot and creates less smoke.


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